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Who is Christian Till?

Meet the Man Who Started It All

Hey everyone! Christian here. I’m a nerd at heart who learned about fiber optics the first time during my studies for a B. Sc. in applied informatics and communication technologies. Today, I’m well into my fiber optics career.

I was hooked on fiber from the first minute and decided to dig deep into the subject, which led to a project around Brillouin scattering. You can hear more about it in episode 1. The theory is nothing without hands-on activities, and so I pulled cables, spliced, and performed customer activations for a local city carrier with whom I later wrote my thesis on their migration path towards WDM-PON.

After first accepting a position as a fiber product manager focused on the cable MSO market, I joined EXFO in 2015 as a Subject Matter Expert providing thought leadership for best practices in fiber network deployment. 

How Become Fiberminded began

As my journey continued, I met kind, talented, and generous people who helped me grow my understanding and my chops. I also realized early on that I wanted to help others take control of their professional destinies in fiber optics, too and this was the spark that launched Become Fiberminded (BFM).

The more I taught others, the more I learned myself, and the Become Fiberminded podcast helps me to give back to the community in a private capacity.

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