Podcast Episode 1 of Become Fiberminded

1#: Become Fiberminded – The start of something great with Christian Till

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WHO IS Christian Till?

I’m your host Christian Till, and for this first episode of the Become Fiberminded podcast, I want to give you some background information on myself. I’m a nerd at heart who learned about fiber optics the first time during my studies for a bachelor of science in applied informatics and communications technologies. Today, I’m well into my fiber optics career.
And I must say that the first interaction I had during the studies hooked me immediately to fiber optics because then I realized I realized that fiber optics helps us to progress as a society. It’s all about connecting people, especially now in these times where everyone is working from the home office, the fiber optic industry, and the fiber optic network has really become the backbone of the world.

Why is Christian Fiberminded?

In my day job I am a fiber testing expert and due to my knowledge of fiber technology and deep hands-on experience in fiber networks, including DWDM, PON, 5G & FTTH rollout, I work closely with network operators and service providers to establish new test and measurement methods for FTTx networks (PON and P2P).


In this first episode, I explain who the podcast Become Fiberminded is really for, what topics will be covered, why I started it, and what type of guest will be interviewed.
I will also chat a little bit about a small fun fact and explain why the output power of some lasers is deliberately limited to +3 to +4dBm.


You can check out the about page. As a hobby besides the podcast, I am also into programming and you can find handy fiber optics calculators at fibersmirk.com. I recently finished the calculator on mode field diameter differences and what it means for the measured splice loss with an OTDR. This topic will be also mentioned in episode 2 and episode 3.

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  3. Have a question you would like me to answer on the podcast? Send it to ask@fiberminded.com

If you are actively helping the fiber optics community to solve problems and enable a faster and better connection for everyone and would like to share this with the world, I’d love to have you on my podcast.

You can schedule a podcast interview by going to my scheduling page

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