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#8: Faster internet speed through next-gen transmission technologies like 400G ZR+ and G.metro with Vincent Sleiffer

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Vincent is an optical communication fanatic with an education in broadband telecommunication technologies. He specializes in coherent communication systems and optical system design at ADVA, which enables in the end a faster internet speed for everyone. In this episode you will hear, that he has a good knowledge about:

  • xWDM, optical transmission systems, optical amplification and modulation
  • Digital signal processing
  • Space-division multiplexing technologies
  • Optical fibers (single-mode fiber, hollow-core fiber, few-mode fiber and multi-core fiber)

WHY IS Vincent Sleiffer Fiberminded?

Vincent did the full academic tour starting from the Bachelor and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and finishing this with a PhD in Electrical engineering (summa cum laude), where he wrote a thesis around the topic “Towards petabit per second optical long-haul transmission links using space-division multiplexing technology”.  In parallel he worked Nokia Siemens Network, which became coriant and now Infinera on topics around high-capacity optical long-haul transmission systems.

He was also part of the MODE-GAP project. where he performed transmission experiments over few-mode fiber and photonic bandgap fiber.

WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE AROUND next generation technologies which enable a faster internet speed?

Nielsen’s law states that network connection speeds for high-end home users would increase 50% per year or double every 21 months. How can the different parts of the network keep up with this trend? 
In this episode of the Become Fiberminded podcast Vincent Sleiffer is discussing with us, what the latest trends and technologies in 5G, data center interconnect and other network areas are. This includes auto wavelength tuning SFPs (G.metro), which enables a cost-effective and flexible 5G deployment for the operators.
We will also cover different modulation formats with the pros and cons and also give an outlook into next-generation transceivers like the 400G ZR+ and why everyone is buzzing around this topic.
Vincent is also giving us his unique perspective on hollow-core fiber on which he did his Ph.D. thesis and PostDoc activities. Fusion splicing a hollow-core fiber came already up in episode 3 with Lucas Mays, so Vincent is going into more technical details around this technology and why it´s so exciting. 

Last but not least we chat about quantum key distribution (QKD) and the different ways to implement it.


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