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#4: How to do fiber testing for troubleshooting and acceptance measurements with Kevin Peres

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WHO IS Kevin Peres?

Kevin Peres, Applications Engineer and Fiber Testing Expert, Advanced Technologies and Solutions, EXFO

Kevin has been with EXFO for 18 years and has been involved in the telecom industry for 29 years. Starting in excavation as a laborer, Kevin traded in his shovel for a backhoe laying cable across the US. He later worked for a Tier 1 service provider as a splicer and tester, working on new installs and disaster recovery. Kevin became an Operations technician, turning up and maintaining DS1 to 10G systems. Leveraging this field experience, Kevin delivers a unique perspective which shows in his educational approach when delivering expert content through webinars or seminars.

WHy is Kevin Peres Fiberminded?

If there is one person, who has seen and experienced everything in fiber optics and fiber testing then it´s certainly Kevin. From personal experience, I can tell you, that he has helped countless people in delivering quality test results and getting paid in time. He is a true genius when it comes to report customization and has as well a deep understanding on the higher layer transmissions which shows in his day-to-day work.

WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN to an episode around FIber testing?

Talking to someone who has worked his way up in fiber testing and did experience everything himself is truly a blessing. Kevin dropped some real gold nuggets during our conversation. We discussed the most common problems inside an optical fiber network. Following this introduction, we went deep on the fiber fault-finding part covering the best practices but also including some ninja tactics like changing the index of refraction to match the distance of a section. This will get you ahead and enable you to find also the not so obvious problems. Kevin is also giving you a step-by-step guide on fiber acceptance testing including the generation of the close-out package. In the end, we are also discussing the future of testing and the comeback of polarization mode dispersion (PMD)


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