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#3: The perfect fiber splice and things to avoid while fusion splicing with Lucas Mays

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WHO IS Lucas Mays?

Lucas Mays is a Product Manager for field fusion splicers and accessories at AFL. He has previous optics industry experience both in the field as a splicer and installer and as an engineer working in product development and R&D on fusion splicing.

WHy is AFL Fiberminded?

AFL is all about connecting. They have an internal term “tsunagu” which is Japanese for “to connect”. Providing their partners with the solutions needed to connect is what energizes their work each day. Improving physical layer deployment capabilities in new and innovative ways, beyond what was previously thought possible, is an exciting endeavor they take on each day.


Talking to someone who has both the experience of the field installer and has worked in R&D more than often to an interesting conversation and this is what happened in this episode. Lucas Mays is sharing within this episode of Become Fiberminded, how you can achieve the perfect splice. We will go into details, what equipment is needed for it and how the different splicing alignment technologies will influence the fusion splice outcome. We are also going to deep dive into splicing ribbon fiber and other single-mode fiber types together.

Last but not least, the best practices while splicing will also be investigated. So make sure to listen to this value bomb from Lucas Mays.


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