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#7: Slow internet speed? Becoming your own fiber internet provider with Jared Mauch

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WHO IS Jared Mauch?

Similar to Batman, Jared Mauch has a day job and a night job. At day, Jared works as a Senior Network Architect at Akamai, but during the night he brings fast fiber internet to his neighbors and community with his own fiber internet provider company Washtenaw Fiber Properties LLC

WHY IS Jared Mauch Fiberminded?

In this episode, Jared describes the steps he took to get faster broadband access and why he saw no other way but to create his own fiber ISP to serve his bandwidth needs. What makes him particularly fiberminded is the fact, that he serves not only his own needs but this of his neighbors and specifically his community as well.  Jared also recently placed a bid for an RFP to deploy broadband access to over 3500 homes. With this, he goes up as fiber internet provider against the “big dogs” like ATT and Comcast. He is very transparent about his costs and not only charges his customers a fair price but actually over-delivers. One of the packages he offers are 50 MBit/s symmetrical, but Jared doesn´t use a rate shaper, so the true throughput will be higher. One of the reasons for doing it, is to reduce the number of customer complaints he is receiving… quite the lazy efficient engineer approach.


Building and planning a small-scale fiber-optic network is no small feat. Jared Mauch is explaining in this episode of the Become Fiberminded podcast his process in getting started and becoming his own fiber internet provider while still working at his day job. From his point of view, the most important thing was researching before starting such an endeavor. Ryan Coates from episode 5 mentioned the exact same thing.
Jared is also sharing with us, how desperate some of the folks in his area are for fiber broadband access. Which in turn is quite understandable seeing, that broadband access has become crucial for so many services. 
Jared is also explaining the high-level steps into becoming your own fiber internet provider and it may be easier than you think; at least for the US folks 😉
Last but not least we chat about which cost-effective equipment to use and discuss the benefits of different architectures and that once again proper documentation is key.

WHERE CAN I LEARN MORE ABOUT Jared Mauch and Washtenaw Fiber Properties?

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