Jim Hayes - Your career in fiber optics

#2: Your career in fiber optics – how to get started and certified with Jim Hayes

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WHO IS Jim Hayes?

Jim Hayes is the co-founder of the Fiber Optic Association (FOA) and the author of several books on optical fiber. He has help many people to start their careers in fiber optics.

Why is FOA Fiberminded?

The FOA is the international professional association of fiber optics, chartered to promote professionalism fiber optics through education, certification, and standards. FOA is the certifying body for fiber optic technicians recognized worldwide


I’m so grateful that Jim joined me on the show to talk about fiber training in general and common misunderstandings. We are going to explore the differences between dBm and dB, something everyone should be aware of no matter the position. We will also discuss the certification process and how you can jumpstart it if you are already well experienced in your career in fiber optics.


You can learn more the FOA by visiting foa.org and fiberu.org

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2 thoughts on “#2: Your career in fiber optics – how to get started and certified with Jim Hayes”

  1. Jules Belanger

    Thanks!!! Great Show, read a lot of articles and seen a lot of videos from the FOA.
    It’s cool to have better understanding on how it was all started and what it represents.
    Keep up the good work


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